What to Expect



dog2Skills we Teach
Not all classes cover all topics. Individual success is based on individual dogs, the owner, and how much time you’re able to practice.

  • Focus on owner, respond to name
  • Loose leash walking, automatic sit
  • Sit down command, short stays in front and on the side of the handler
  • Come when called
  • Socialization with people and dogs, sit politely for greeting
  • Take and leave objects
  • How to accept handling by anyone, solve behavior “problems,” and stop mouthing (nipping)
  • How to be your dog’s best friend and teacher
  • How to teach your dog new skill at home
  • Practicing skills outside of the classroom (i.e. home, parks, stores, vet’s office)

For ongoing class schedules, please view our class information page.


Required equipment for all classes: Six foot leash, soft tasty treats and a small squeak toy.
All classes are indoors in a clean, climate controlled space.

(At Those Clever Canines, we will never use electric collars to manipulate your dog into obedience.)

Private Training:

TCC offers both private and semi-private training at our facility and other locations. All classes are indoors in a clean, climate controlled space.

We realize that not everyone has the same needs and certainly not the same schedule to work in group classes. Private training gives you and your dog the opportunity to work on individual needs and skills. After an evaluation and discussion with the trainer, the two of you will determine the program that is best for your dog and household.

Private lessons in your home or other locations is $40 per session. Travel requiring the trainer to go more than ten miles from TCC will be $5 for each extra 10 additional miles.

If it’s necessary, we will be happy to consult with your veterinarian and follow his or her recommendations for special behavioral interventions. We recommend that you have your vet rule out health issues as possible causes of behavioral problems first and to ensure their health and safety. Pup safety always comes first!